A Generous Hearing for A Generous Orthodoxy

Ever listened to Brain Mclaren and tried to figure out where he's coming from?

Here's a talk he gave where he tries to explain why he would call for a Generous Orthodoxy.  
I found it from the 
Off the Map Podcast

Here's a couple quotations from the Q&A that I found interesting: 

People are doing the best they can. ... The people who hate my books and all, they're doing the best they can." - Brain Mclaren 

esus didn't write books, but Jesus lived a life and made friends." - Brain Mclaren
"Our polarization is paralyzing and ... destructive. ... Even in the Roman Catholic Church, the conservative Catholics and the progressive Catholics hardly talk to each other
." - Brian Mclaren 

We compromised on the primacy of love." - Brian Mclaren 


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