Emotional Scars and the Power of Forgiveness

A close friend of mine, Johnny Fontaine, otherwise known as Johnny Vontwizzle (since he met me anyway), has captured very poignantly in a post on his blog his pain growing up with a less than perfect father who was neglecting, abusive, and played favorites.  What makes the post beautiful is that he also captures his heart's resolve to discover the power of forgiveness long after his father has passed away, and after many years of anger and bitterness.  

Johnny Fontaine is a member at Walnut Street Baptist Church.  He was converted to Christianity about three years ago, and since then has walked with Christ in a battle to be clean from drug abuse, pure from sexual immorality, relationally connected to the people of God, and to be a true and sincere follower of Christ.        

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Vontwizzle. Ha.

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