ithink: Against the Bibliolaters

What's more important: the Bible or people?  Of course, the Bible is the chief authority on all matters of ethical judgment, and the Bible is the very voice of God which teaches us to love others, thus loving others cannot be set against the Bible as if the question were: What's more important, the Bible's teachings or loving others?  The Bible itself points us to consider love for God and love for people the supreme standard by which all ethical/moral decisions must be decided.  But consider the following scenario: 

If you lived on a deserted island, forever stranded but with food supply and a daughter of the age of 3, and your shack is burning down, and you have only enough time to grab either your only copy of the Bible, or your precious and beautiful daughter--which do you save?

If the answer to this question is tough for you, perhaps you don't love the Bible as much as you think you do, and the title of the post therefore applies.    

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